type eight

body type

strong | intense | courageous | truthful | protective | overwhelming | excessive | self-centered

EIGHTS are known for the forceful impact they have on those around them. This intensity is powered by a lustful energy and excess, harnessed to take the world head-on. They often report that they are comfortable with their anger and surprised by how others back off. This is all based on a belief that the world is a place in which the powerful take advantage of the vulnerable, and in order to survive, one has to be strong, forceful and fighting for fairness. EIGHTS will do anything to avoid being vulnerable. The focus of attention is on power and control and any apparent injustice.  When discomfort appears, EIGHTS automatically go into denial, not seeing their own vulnerability or the impact of their huge energy on those around them. Ironically, the forceful charging ahead makes others oppose them; and being out of touch with their own vulnerability makes them that much more vulnerable.

What pushes EIGHT’S buttons?


Others trying to control them

Being indirect with them

Backing down


How do others experience EIGHTS?

The Good: Others are impressed by EIGHT’S courage, intensity and strong stand for justice. They will always seek fairness and have strength and endurance to follow through to the goal.

The Bad: EIGHT’S energy, when mismanaged is overwhelming and can be intimidating and vengeful. They can come across as impatient and bossy.

The Better: When the energy is managed and their vulnerability is accessible, healthy EIGHT’s do not overwhelm others and have an appreciation of the other’s points of view.


EIGHT with a SEVEN wing (8w7) can be more intellectual than other EIGHTS, and at their finest can bring great imaginative ideas into being. When unhealthy and unmanaged, this combination of gluttony and aggression can be dangerous and can involve addiction.

EIGHT with a NINE wing (8w9) is calmer.  These EIGHTS are quietly certain, in charge and are slower to anger. They can be great leaders.

Connecting points

EIGHT’s connection to Two brings generosity and kindness. When unhealthy, it can represent unreasonable demands made on others.

FIVE can bring objectivity and moderation to an otherwise excessive tendency.



Self-preservation EIGHTS are using all that energy to amass material security and insure the physical well-being of themselves and loved ones.

Social EIGHTS focus on who has the power in the group, and will take over if they think they need to. 

Intimate EIGHTS can be controlling and possessive. They ultimately want the partner to be equally direct, forceful and trustworthy, so that EIGHT can surrender control.

Famous EIGHTS: Napolean Bonaparte, Humphrey Bogart, Johnny Cash, Milton Erickson, Indira Ghandi, Rush Limbaugh, Queen Latifah, Ann Richards, Charlize Theron

EIGHTS in the movies: Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys; Russell Crowe in L.A. Confidential, Denzel Washinton in Malcolm X; Peter O'Toole in Beckett; Darth Vader, Star Wars

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