type nine

body type

peaceful | giving | adaptive | non-judgmental | apathetic | spaced out | stubborn

NINES are known for being agreeable, adaptable, and good mediators. Their gifts are in creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony and in being able to see another’s point of view. Because they so easily see other points of view, they report having a hard time discerning what they, themselves, see as important. The energy behind this is inertia towards the self or self-forgetting. The focus of attention is on whatever pulls from the environment and spreads out to multiple claims, some essential, some not. In any case, NINES easily can place attention on other people’s agendas. This attention is toward substitutes for the self, blending in and seeking comfort.  This comes from a belief that they’re not really important and need to blend in to be valued, loved, and  secure.  Some NINES say that it is a belief that if I am for myself, I will lose everything and everyone. So NINES do everything possible to avoid conflict. When discomfort occurs or conflict is possible, NINES automatically call on the mechanism of narcotization, numbing out through secondary comforts such as food, drink or repetitive, comforting activities or thoughts. Ironically, seeking comfort and harmony by neglecting oneself leads, ultimately, to more discomfort and disharmony.


What pushes NINE’S buttons?

Being pushed into taking a stand

Trapping me in conflict

People telling me what to do


How do others experience NINES?

The Good: Others love that NINES are agreeable, adaptive, easy to be with, and that they can see another’s point of view.

The Bad: When NINES are indecisive, stubborn, or passive-aggressive it drives others mad. They may procrastinate because they see the logic in all points of view.

The Better: When NINES reclaim self-love and regard themselves and their own priorities equally to others, they are more present, clear and able to accept conflict and change.


Healthy NINE with an EIGHT wing (9w8) has a forceful energy to  move forward once they have identified the goal. At their finest they are generous and self-directed.

NINE with a ONE wing (9w1) is more refined than other NINES. When healthy, these NINES fully enjoy pursuing what matters to them, often in an effort to improve the world or empower others.

Connecting points

At THREE, NINES discover and employ their talents.

At SIX, NINES can find the courage to be who they are.


Self-preservation NINE is pre-occcupied with the home, daily life and often anything other than priorities.

Social NINE finds a comfortable sense of belonging in the group.

Intimate NINES seek comfort in union with the significant other, merging identity.


Famous NINES: Julia Child, C.G. Jung, Roy Rogers, Patty Hearst, Bill Clinton, Grace Kelly, Dalai Lama

NINES in the movies: Joanne Woodward in Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Richard Burton in Beckett, Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy, Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, Donald Sutherland in Ordinary People, Carrie Snodgress in Diary of a Mad Housewife

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