type seven

mind type

quick | fun-loving | imaginative | charming | positive | impulsive | unfocused | narcissistic

SEVENS are known for the energy they bring to keeping things flowing, happy and up. They are the masters of seeing all the great possibilities and bringing one idea after another to the table. They are fun, adventuresome and positive. This comes from a belief that if you keep things positive you won’t get stuck in life's pain, which is so limiting and sorrowful. SEVEN’S focus of attention is on all that is positive and possible in the future. A gluttonous energy propels SEVENS as they focus on positives, interrelate ideas and find connections in all things.  They report doing everything possible to avoid sorrowful feelings, limits, or boredom. When discomfort occurs, SEVENS automatically use rationalization to help negatives go into the background, and to transform lemons into lemonade. Ironically, avoiding pain and life’s dark side creates more pain and is limiting in itself.

What pushes SEVEN’S buttons?


Repetitive tasks

Others being stuck in negativity

Telling me what to do

Raining on my parade

How do others experience SEVENS?

The Good:  Others love SEVEN'S energy, sense of adventure, positive outlook, charm and quick mind.

The Bad: SEVENS can be so focused on their great plans or ideas and activities that they have a hard time being present with the feelings of those close to them. Can be narcissitic.

The Better: SEVENS, as they become more self-aware, slow it down a bit. They get out of their heads, and tune in to the feelings of those nearby. They cultivate patience and are able to spend more time in the present. They see that a full experience of life includes pain and sorrow, as well as joy.


SEVEN with a SIX wing (7w6), when healthy, is responsible, funny, and cares a lot about relationships. They can be vulnerable and lovable. They can be clever at working around authority.

SEVEN with an EIGHT wing (7w8) is more gregarious or boisterous, with a lot of confidence to make their ideas happen. Entrepreneurial.

Connecting points

When SEVENS go to ONE they meet their limits which they have avoided. This connection brings an awareness that limitations (follow-through, self-discipline, persistence, commitment) are not necessarily stifling. They do, in fact, lead to freedom and productivity. This point brings balance and maturity to SEVEN.

When Seven goes to FIVE there is more of an opportunity to take in and digest all they have experienced. They may be more willing to deal with pain and inner turmoil.


Self-preservation SEVENS are loyal to family and friends and love socializing with them. These people provide fun and ideas for SEVEN who thrives on being with like-minded people.

Social SEVENS feel the pull between being with those around them and the desire to escape.

Intimate SEVENS are easily influenced by attraction and charm of another, and likewise, can influence and lure the significant other into an imagined world.


Famous SEVENS: Honore Balzac, Chuck Berry, Joseph Campbell, Chevy Chase, Jimmy Buffet, Katie Couric, Michael J. Fox, Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson, Linda Ronstadt

SEVENS in the movies: Michael Caine in Alfie; Christine Lahti in Housekeeping, Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire; Anthony Quinn in Zorba the Greek; Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame

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