type five

mind type

analytical | self-contained | dependable | dispassionate | distant | superior

FIVES are known for being contained, analytical and knowledgeable. Sometimes they are detached and withdrawn. Others are engaged with loved ones but still require a lot of alone time.  The focus of attention is on detaching to observe, and on the possibility of too much intrusion from which they must protect themselves.  They may detach from others or from their emotional center, seeking objectivity.  FIVES say they work hard to avoid intrusion by others and having demands made on them that deplete their energy.  This comes from a belief that the world can be intrusive and take too much of one’s resources, which cannot be adequately replenished. They are usually self-sufficient and have minimal needs.  Behind this is a driving energy of avarice which, in this case, is about holding on to things they cannot live without: private time, time to reflect, private space. Some FIVES are in touch with a lot of emotional resources, but need time to sort through them, analyze them and be thoughtful. When discomfort begins, FIVES automatically use isolation to detach from others or to detach from feelings, a pulling back to reflect and refuel. Ironically, detachment cuts one off from resources that are needed for replenishing, and does not allow full engagement in the world as things are happening.


What pushes FIVE’ buttons? 

Others wasting their time

Disorganized thoughts, yours or mine

Small talk, cocktail parties

How do others experience FIVES?

The Good: In a crisis, FIVES are clear-headed, reasonable, patient and reliable. They can be very giving and engaged and can provide balance.

The Bad: Others sometimes read the quietness of FIVES as not being present. Because of FIVE’S ability to be self-sufficient, they can mistakenly expect it in others.

The Better: As FIVES develop more self-awareness, they manage a better balance between being withdrawn and being engaged.


FIVE with a FOUR wing (5w4) combines analytical thinking with a fascination with beauty and truth. Absent-minded professor is a Five with a Four wing.

FIVE with a SIX wing (5w6) is more analytical than (5w4).  They excel with technical knowledge and detail. Also brings in SIX’s relational abilities and supportive nature.

Connecting points

FIVE’S connection to EIGHT allows FIVE to transform knowledge into action. EIGHT’S raw energy is a good resource for FIVE.

FIVE’s connection to SEVEN lends a playful nature, imagination and sense of adventure. Travel, food and wine.


Self-preservation FIVES  see home as their castle, where they like to withdraw, pull up the draw-bridge and engage in reading, hobbies, computers or anything which is enjoyed alone.

Social FIVES enjoy being a part of a like-minded group in which people share specialized knowledge, such as, academia.

Intimate FIVES trust only a few people but are very loyal. Closeness takes the form of exchanging confidences.


Famous FIVES: the Buddha, Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall, Howard Hughes, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Thelonious Monk, Jean-Paul Sartre, Susan Sontag, Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Unibomber

FIVES in the movies: Robin Williams in Awakenings; Michael Keaton in Batman Returns; James Spader in Sex, Lies and Videotape; Glenda Jackson and Ben Kingsley in Turtle Diary;

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